Deputy Project Director Messages:

I am delighted to hear that we are going run a website on our IRESPPW Project. Many thanks to all concern of you that you are contributing here to make a successful website. On this digital ages website is very important for any organization because that the soft outlook which reflect its organization. One can gather knowledge from it and knows it activities, mission & vision. I am hopeful that it will help us to make our project more successful. All concern related to the project or outside of the project will be benefited from our project website. Bangladesh Rural Development Board (BRBD) is the largest public sector organization which is involved with rural development and poverty alleviation activities sponsored by Government executing different project from time to time. IRESPPW is one of them. This is a socio-economic development project. The project is women empowerment oriented basically towards social development & Poverty alleviation. The implementation of the project would suffice the investment of functionaries of BRDB/GO working at district, upzila & grass root level. The project will provide tangible and intangible benefits in terms of generating production and employment opportunities, human resource development, better coordination and participation in development activities.