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Bangladesh is one of the least developing countries having characterized by un-employment and employment together with low-income.Further,Bangladesh has a higher than normal poverty intensity with 2% of the global population and 5% of global poor.As such poverty is the main threat to the development process and major challenge for government and efforts to improve change. The case of woman especially in the rural areas is rather critical and worse. The economic activity compared to men is lower and have critical condition. So the curse of poverty is much chronic to the case of women. The are getting insufficient food and living a substandard life in the rural society owing to social rituals and attention. Is shall not be overstate to say in some cases women are laying for want of nutritious food and victims of mal-nutrition. Therefore poverty reduction of women and their socio-economic and their socio-economic empowerment entails the primary address of government. Efforts are undertaken to cognizance the role of women in country's overall development and calls attention of the policy makers.

Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh visited Jessore in the year 1997 where she graciously declared that a project exclusively to cater the need of employment and uplift of women segment is to be taken. This is the project popularity known as "DAMAK" began to work with the approval of Honorable State Minister for Planning on 3rd March,1999.The project tenure culminated at 30/6/2003. Present government is working to implement different programmes for building a digital Bangladesh as declared by Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. So all financial transaction though mobile banking is the important step for providing banking facilities rural people to accelerate the peace of building digital Bangladesh. The gamut of Project body includes group formation of women merely to improve living pattern with support of training and post training support.

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