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About IRESPPW: This is a socioeconomic development project. The project will provide tangible and intangible benefits in terms of generating production and employment opportunities and human resource development, social development, better coordination and participation in development activities. However the measurement of the project benefits in terms of BCR, IRR, NPV,discount ratios and even in mathematical or monetary terms are difficult. But it is obvious that benefits will be occurred through implementation of the project.

BRDB is the largest public sector organization involved with rural development and poverty alleviation activities sponsored by government.It has wide experience of implementing 67 projects of agricultural development, rural development, women development and poverty alleviation nature by both Government and Development partners. The proposed projects was successfully implemented by its duration i.e. 1998-2003 and laid a wide impact especially on the women development. Not only that, BRDB is the pioneer organization that undertook women development activities in the year 1975 which is still being continued under revenue set-up.

The lessons learnt are the followings:

a) Right selection of Target Group, grouping them and rearing.
b) Profitably selection of income generation activities (IGA)
c) Awareness raising, positive attitude creation and capacity building.
d) Smooth coordination and partnership attitude of collaboration.
e) Well defined monitoring and supervision techniques
f) Base of sound working atmosphere.
The gamut of Project body includes group formation of women merely to improve living pattern with support of training and post training support.