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Mission & Vision


The specific objectives of the project includes-

  • 1. To aware,motivate and develop the human resources.
  • 2. To accumulate local resources for utilization in income generation activities so that it can have positive impact and to raise living standard.
  • 3. To organize the rural women for their self and common interest.


Create distressed poor women as an empowered, organized & effective force of development with changed livelihood, and reduce population growth & poverty. It will provide indirect impact on community needs in general. In old DOMAK Project areas at 21 upazilas organized 1074 MBSS(in involving 24950 enrolled members/beneficiaries) will run as usual and project will advise & supervise their activities & give all kinds of project supports as project implementation effort.To keep in mind the reality, the project targets to organise 1774 MBBS involving 51300 Nos. beneficiaries during the project period as an additional to previous achievement. At the end of the project organized MBSS will increase upto total 2784 and total members/beneficiaries will be 76250. With a view to mobilize local resource for provision for own capital formation of users by way of thrift deposit savings an amount of TK 1762.57 Lakh would be accumulated. Training on both HRD & STD will be provided to build human capital settings. Past training support would also be undertaken as a mode capital support.